Most people overlook the fact that it is only a thin line that separates life and death, more so when we hit the road and drive like crazy. There is a great degree of thrill in whizzing past the road, leaving the world behind. It is also the shortest way to hell, as one small mistake can cripple us for lifetime, if not take the life away. And it is not just our lives that are at risk. The innocent pedestrians and passersby too, can get hurt and even killed, all due to reckless driving.

Driving near a school area, hospital and places where traffic control signals are on requires special attention and not just remaining within the speed limit. Hurting someone else is as tragic as hurting yourself while driving.

Over-speeding is the most common ingredient leading to an accident. What is interesting is to know that it is not just maintaining the speed limit that counts, but also driving as per the traffic conditions that matters. The safe driver always judges if the road is too narrow, if the visibility is too low or the weather is unfavorable for safe driving.

The risk of rash driving is increased many times by irresponsible pedestrians, who take little heed of regulations and traffic control measures. Crossing the road while the vehicles are still passing by and not following traffic directions have become common-place. A combination of reckless driving and imprudent passer-by is a perfect recipe of an accident in making.

It is most unfortunate that a plethora of drivers disregard common rules of driving like wearing seat belts and avoiding alcohol before hitting the road. Seat belts help prevent injury in the event of an accident and stop you from being thrown out of the moving car. There is a general misconception among drivers that seat belts can make them trapped in case the car catches fire or jumps into the water. Seat belts in fact, prevent a fatal injury in such circumstances and increase chances of you not losing consciousness. So wear a seat belt as a symbol of protection and pride! Driving while under the influence of alcohol is supposedly great fun, with reduced sense of consciousness and an overdose of pseudo-confidence. With impaired reflex actions and lesser ability to judge speed and distance, a drunken driver is nothing less than a moving bomb. To me, it is the ultimate form of rash driving, devoid of any sense of road responsibility, and can kill not just the driver but also anybody who comes within touching distance of the vehicle. Backseat is the place for you, if under the effect of sedatives and alcohol. Fatigue can cause similar catastrophe, as the lack of alertness, even for a few seconds leads to disaster. With the ubiquity of mobile phones, the number of road accidents have increased manifold. Drivers and pedestrians, alike, have been involved in road accidents, while talking in the mobile phones.

Much like our lives, it is the necessity of fear, while on the wheels, that will help curtail accidents.

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